Connecticut LLC Basics & Helpful Information

General Overview of the Connecticut LLC

This article is meant to be a general overview of the Connecticut LLC formation process and other basic issues related to LLCs.

Connecticut LLC Filing Fees

The Connecticut filing fee for the Certificate of Organization (to create a Connecticut LLC) is $120.00. You can expedite (processed within 24 hours) the filing for an additional $50.00

Connecticut Filing Time

It generally takes takes 48 hours after receipt for the Connecticut Secretary of State to process the Certificate of Organization. Yuu can cut this time down to 24 hours by requesting and paying for expedited service.

Connecticut Annual Compliance Requirements

An Annual Report is due yearly in the anniversary month that the entity was registered. You can file the annual report online. The filing fee for the annual report is $20.00.

Form an LLC in Connecticut

You can use this checklist to help guide you through the process of forming a Connecticut LLC:

Step 1: Decide on a Business Name

Step 2: Register your LLC with the State

Step 3: Create and Sign the LLC's Governing Document

Step 4: Get an EIN

Step 5: Get Licenses and Permits

Registering a Foreign LLC in Connecticut